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Sunset Point Winter 2017

Ian Davidson, Lyall Delore and Rob Daniel replace the Heritage Hokitika “Shipwreck” information sign on Saturday morning
It’s been placed on a schist rock base to make it easily movable.

It was obviously a bit dark when we did this one on Saturday morning!
Lyall Delore (fisherman volunteer) watches as the 2nd Lions Lifebuoy stand is lowered into place at Sunset point as promised, 5 weeks before the white baiting season starts.
Rob Daniel and Ian Davidson lift the sign into place.

Cleaning Percy Atkinson Seat

The Percy Atkinson Seat at the entry to Sunset Point. Cleaned due to the efforts of Roni and Doug.

Stafford Cemetery Concrete Pour

We’re mixing and pouring concrete at 9am on Saturday at Stafford Cemetery.
The reinforcing has been inserted. We’re now bending the rods flat, tying the mesh in place and pouring a smooth layer over the top.