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Stafford Cemetery Access Road

Cemetery access improved

Stafford Cemetery access road apparently initially led to a sports field at the rear of the cemetery. The sports field fell out of use as the population declined and is now overgrown.

The bitumen sealed road has also been subject to climate and vegetation damage with a thick layer of dirt and grass covering the surface making access difficult in wet weather. The growth of the large Japanese Cedar at the gate also added a dangerous camber to the road.
Thanks to Lions President Peter Nancekivell, the access has been improved and should now allow access in all weather allowing less-abled visitors to visit graves.
Gravel donated Phoenix and BRM

Town Lights 2017

14 November – the start of lighting up the town, One of the trees in Weld Street. Assembled by the voluntary labour of the Hokitika Lions.

Replace Tambo’s Ship Wheel

While I was at the Westland Industrial Heritage Park on the 23rd of November I saw Mort Cruickshank and Jim Butzbach putting on the finishing touches to the replacement ship’s wheel for the Tambo Shipwreck Memorial. The original memorial had a plaster plinth which was vandalised and was in such a state that it had to be removed and the wheel was taken away for safekeeping. As you can see the new upright is made from metal and should survive a lot of abuse. A week later the ship’s wheel was having the bolt holes drilled in the base by Jim Butzbach with Reuban supervising. By lunchtime the wheel was installed by the Tambo.