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Tambo Planting

We will be planting at the Tambo this Saturday from 8am We have permission from Simon Eyre to plant at the Tambo on the banks next to the pathway – as long as we use all the same plants. Which will be the variegated flax which came from the high school – or possibly the astelia – depends which we have most of. So from 8am we will be digging up, splitting and sorting plants and setting them out ready for re-planting. Linda Powell (John Hartley’s daughter) has arranged her church group to assist with planting They arrive from 10.30-12.30 Anyone available to help can arrive anytime from 8am-12 If we finish early, there is then the planting area around the cabbage tree on the Beach St/Stafford St corner that needs to be dug out and planted. And yes, light rain is forecast – so wear appropriate clothing

Colin Adams Valedictory Ceremony 13/03/2017

Jim Butzbach attended Colin Adams’ Valedictory Ceremony on behalf of the club yesterday He will be providing a report but has asked for all club members to receive a copy of the dedication written by Marg and Stephanie that was read out at the ceremony

Colin George Adams – aka CASH or Grizz

Sadly Hokitika has lost one of it’s “Good Bastards.” This may sound harsh, but on the West Coast it is a prestigious title that not all deserve.

Colin lived on this earth for 79 years. He was a son, uncle, husband, father grandfather and a loyal mate and loved by many.

Colin joined the Hokitika Lions Club back in 2006 with the intention of being helpful and do some socializing at the same time.

For 10 years he served the people of Hokitika as a member of our Lions club, he loved getting in and helping with the projects.

Colin’s role with our club was Den Keeper. This suited him and his personality. He loved to potter with things, sort things, fix things, clean things, hoard things, weld things, he like to keep busy.

Colin was adamant that he did not wish to go up the official ranks of Lions, he was happy and felt at home in the den.

He was a ‘team player’ when the weather was suitable he joined with the team of ‘wood man’ gathering, splitting fire wood for fundraising projects. During the hours spent at the yard, many stories were shared, many jokes and much light hearted ‘banter ‘amongst the team.

He helped gather dead car/truck batteries which were collected to be recycled, this enabled much of the same team of Lion’s blokes get together and make a difference to the environment as well as making more money for club funds.

Colin was a member of the “Black Powder” Club, he had a passion for old guns and making noises with cannons etc. Last October he prepared Hokitika’s iconic cannon in readiness for firing off as part of the towns 150th celebrations.

Colin also served two deployments for his country during the Malaysia emergency, during the years 57-59 and 61-63. He was a member of the Hokitika RSA and had a good group of mates that he enjoyed to share more stories over a cold beer at the end of a busy week.

Tambo Ramp

The gravel has been delivered to site

Pete Nancekivell starts today with shaping and tidying – specifications as per council

Jeff Evans Plumbers has cut the new access point

Jim Butzbach will start today repairing the old access point on the sea side

Crowleys will be asked to view the site and have input into where the anchor gets put

Rob Daniel is shaping the wooden bollards we’ll be using to increase the height of the wall around the deck to meet current safety requirements (1.1m barrier needed, it’s currently 700mm)

Daryl Crocker has a ships wheel which he is making climate proof

The wooden name plates are being repaired at WIHP

The wooden frame is being repaired and repainted – Jim Butzbach

Photo shows current view from Southside – still a concrete boat on the horizon

Also photo of new access point and ramp and the cut to the concrete

Tambo Update – Access Reinstated

The Tambo is a joint Heritage Hokitika – Lions project started in 1993. The access is an urgent issue with tourists and local climbing onto the structure using logs as ‘ladders’ – this does have significant liability issues for Heritage Hokitika, Lions and council. Council has therefore asked that the access be reinstated a.s.a.p. by the groups responsible for the project. Paul (Tanka) Davidson from Dept of Conservation produced 2 access options for the Tambo First option a large wooden structure (high cost) Second option shown in attached drawing – a gravel pathway leading to the boat on the RIVER side This will mean making a new entrance way and closing the original entrance Tanka also pointed out that the 700mm height of the wall above the deck height is 400mm too low based on current building regulations This has been confirmed by the building department and a plan approved – this involves wooden bollards inside the boat with rope between the bollards as shown in attached sketch The attached drawing represents the project plan given approval by council staff and mayor Last year the club approved $1000 towards redoing the access – Pete Nancekivell never invoiced us for his interrupted work. The mayor has arranged various companies to donate dirt. WestRoads will donate gravel for the pathway Henry Adams will donate top soil suitable for planting (from Patterson dig-out) for the sloping sides which will also be planted using plants from the high school (planting date will be advised once the pathway is in place) Pete Nancekivell will do the actual work with his business safety plans etc. Club to cover costs with already agreed $1000 Jeff Evans Plumbers will cut the new access into the concrete once the pathway is in place – donated Rob Daniel (Heritage Hokitika) will redo the areas of rotten wooden in the surround and prepare the wooden bollards for insertion – he has asked for Lions help with the actual installation Jim Butzbach has removed the rusted flag pole and other items to start preparing them for repainting. He is also willing to apply another layer of mortar to repair the concrete where the wire is exposed or concrete otherwise damaged.

Oscar Bottom Cenotaph

Heritage Hokitika Inc, in association with the Hokitika Westland Returned & Services Association, request the pleasure of your members’ company for the re-dedication of the Oscar Bottom cenotaph, in recognition of your assistance in fundraising for this project.

The event will take place at Stafford Cemetery, 12 kms north of Hokitika on Saturday 12th November 2016 at 11:00 am.

Due to the very limited parking available at the cemetery site we request that attendees who are able to walk up the hill to park along one side of Stafford Loop Rd at the base of the hill and walk up. Should anyone have mobility problems we will provide transfers or a mobility parking space if we are informed ahead of time.

The unveiling ceremony will be followed by refreshments at the new RSA club rooms, Sewell St, Hokitika.

Please send your RSVP response, with numbers for catering purposes, by 28th October 2016.

Rehanging the Gates

WIHP has received permission from WDC to proceed with the repair of the grave surrounds at Stafford Cemetery. If you’re available to help tighten nuts and bolts and hold bits of machinery on Sunday 31 August from 9am – the help would be appreciated. There is also a possibility that the gates will be hung as well – they should be back from Gray Bros today and then just need to be painted. This assumes it’s just showers and not torrential rain on Sunday …..


Linda Dyzel has just transferred $1484.00 to the LifePod fundraiser – money from sale of the recycled paper cards – an outstanding effort You will recall that she suggested the fundraiser August last year and the club adopted the project – with some delays caused by the wheelchair van project. It appears that the Film Festival made over $700 ($456.40 from the activities and $287 from ticket sales) and the raffle run in conjunction with the festival $868.20 Once we have all of the money banked from the various fundraisers, will send you the total amount raised – which we will then challenge other clubs to match .