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Thursday 5.30pm – big Ahaura tent goes up Friday 5pm – help needed with the smaller marquees – this takes several hours – so the more the merrier Saturday from 8am – rest of the set up Sunday – from 9.30am to finish off – if it rained heavily during the night, please arrive at 8am as there’s usually significant mop up needed Sunday 2pm – clean up – all hands on deck

Kids Day 2018

Happy New Year everyone You are getting this email as you have helped at Kids Day in the past either with supplying infrastructure, activities or providing manpower before, during or after the event. Can you please indicate if you or your group are available to assist again? The event is Sunday 4 March, Cass square – 9.30am -2pm Set up starts on Friday 2 March when the marquess start arriving – usually after 3pm thank you in anticipation – we look forward to working with you again in 2018

Update Kids Day

The set up will be ‘almost’ the same as last year, with activities mostly around the edge of the square in your usual places – if you’re not sure, come and see me at the Yellow Lions Gazebo or phone me on 027 7558010 The ground appears to be holding up quite well, and is reasonably dry Police, fire and search and rescue will be in the large marquee to the North of the grandstand With “Share the road – cycle safe’ in front of that ASB, Soroptomists and probably a bouncy castle will be in the smaller marquee closer to Stafford St Pouting Waiora in the marquee to the South of the grandstand Trains in the one closer to Weld Street Diamond Digging and Pirates in 2 black shelters Whitebait game will be in a green marquee Rotary and Red Cross – set up near the Tea/Coffee please – just make sure there’s more than 10m between you and the paintball – which has to move to Stafford St side this year Toy Library – 6x6m marquee on the Stafford St side near the giant foosball Cloud 9 – near the merry go round Bubble soccer – near the water tanker there is a power outlet for you Everyone else – you’re not forgotten – we’re trying to space the marquees and allocate you space – come and see me at the yellow Lions gazebo Thanks to the fire brigade for their help with the large marquee last night And the PD workers for their help today

Colin Adams Valedictory Ceremony 13/03/2017

Jim Butzbach attended Colin Adams’ Valedictory Ceremony on behalf of the club yesterday He will be providing a report but has asked for all club members to receive a copy of the dedication written by Marg and Stephanie that was read out at the ceremony

Colin George Adams – aka CASH or Grizz

Sadly Hokitika has lost one of it’s “Good Bastards.” This may sound harsh, but on the West Coast it is a prestigious title that not all deserve.

Colin lived on this earth for 79 years. He was a son, uncle, husband, father grandfather and a loyal mate and loved by many.

Colin joined the Hokitika Lions Club back in 2006 with the intention of being helpful and do some socializing at the same time.

For 10 years he served the people of Hokitika as a member of our Lions club, he loved getting in and helping with the projects.

Colin’s role with our club was Den Keeper. This suited him and his personality. He loved to potter with things, sort things, fix things, clean things, hoard things, weld things, he like to keep busy.

Colin was adamant that he did not wish to go up the official ranks of Lions, he was happy and felt at home in the den.

He was a ‘team player’ when the weather was suitable he joined with the team of ‘wood man’ gathering, splitting fire wood for fundraising projects. During the hours spent at the yard, many stories were shared, many jokes and much light hearted ‘banter ‘amongst the team.

He helped gather dead car/truck batteries which were collected to be recycled, this enabled much of the same team of Lion’s blokes get together and make a difference to the environment as well as making more money for club funds.

Colin was a member of the “Black Powder” Club, he had a passion for old guns and making noises with cannons etc. Last October he prepared Hokitika’s iconic cannon in readiness for firing off as part of the towns 150th celebrations.

Colin also served two deployments for his country during the Malaysia emergency, during the years 57-59 and 61-63. He was a member of the Hokitika RSA and had a good group of mates that he enjoyed to share more stories over a cold beer at the end of a busy week.

Lions Committee

Lions Committee Members 2014-2015

Our Annual AGM is in July each year.

President: Jim Butzbach president@hokitikalions.org.nz

Past President: Stephanie Knighton

1st VP: Reilly Burden

2nd VP: Liam Fay

3rd VP: Jennifer Anderson

Lion Tamer: Reilly Burden

Treasurer: Des Keenan treasurer@hokitikalions.org.nz

Secretary; Anna Dyzel hokitikalions@hokitikalions.org.nz

Tail Twister: Peter Nancekivell

 Hokitika Lions Charitible Trust Trustees 2014-2015

Jim Gordon, Roland Urmson, Jennifer Anderson, Peter Nancekivell, Anna Dyzel, Des Keenan, Reilly Burden.