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Rehanging the Gates

WIHP has received permission from WDC to proceed with the repair of the grave surrounds at Stafford Cemetery. If you’re available to help tighten nuts and bolts and hold bits of machinery on Sunday 31 August from 9am – the help would be appreciated. There is also a possibility that the gates will be hung as well – they should be back from Gray Bros today and then just need to be painted. This assumes it’s just showers and not torrential rain on Sunday …..

Stafford Cemetery 2016

Waiting for Council to approve the gate renovation project which will be mostly completed by WIHP as a stipulation is to repair the gates rather than replace them Metalwork around gravesides We need to identify which gravesides we are able to repair, contact the relatives if possible for permission or provide the site names to council for approval. Mike Keenan has provided a grave map prepared by Mary Rooney and Anne Bills from Hokitika Museum He will help this Saturday 7 May at 10am with identifying the graves. The map will then be marked and distributed to various people for information around relatives. Members welcome to assist. It’s a matter of looking at the map and checking the headstones if present against the map and name lists – as well as some ‘local knowledge’