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Cleaning Cass Square Cenotaph’s Lead Lettering

The RSA executive  is interested in getting the lead lettering on the Cass square cenotaph more legible and have requested assistance from Lions.

The first step would be getting a cherry picker on site and inspecting the inscription

From ground level using high powered photography, it appears that the lettering is intact but discoloured – according to Thompsons Funerals

So –  approval is needed to put Lions name on a project and safety plan to present to Council. Kris Holland will be one of the volunteers conducting the inspection. He has the training to clean the lettering if appropriate and says he can do it at the time.

The Reserves and Environs Group and Heritage Hokitika are aware of the plan and have no objections.

The Cenotaph is a War Memorial and was unveiled on 11/11/1922. For the past 2 years it has been the focus of the World War One remembrance dawn services. In previous years it has been the focus of the Boys Brigade services. It is constructed from marble in the cupola style with ornamental columns. A central plinth contains the names of 212 deceased service men and women. It is not registered with Heritage NZ and also is not listed in the District Plan i.e. does not require resource consent.

I have a cherry picker coming next week to access my roof, so it would be available free of charge towards the end of next week hence the request for approval now rather than waiting for the next business meeting. Or we can wait for the business meeting, but then there would be a charge associated with the cherry picker use.

We have previously assisted RSA with various projects such as ANZAC parade, fundraising for hall etc

There is no cost to Lions for this and it does fit within Lions remit of community service.

Please let me know asap if you have any objections. The safety plan could be completed under another groups name if there are any objections, however assistance has been requested of Lions and it is therefore appropriate for Lions to consider it.

A photo of some of the inscription is attached. The black is hopefully discolouration rather than absent lead.

Cleaning completed

Photos taken from ground level
Not all discolouration was able to be removed – and it will recur due to impurities in the lead, so we will see how long it lasts for.