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Waters Family Grave

Shirley Godfrey and her son Ross, have been redoing the foundations of their family grave – that of Christianna and George Waters who arrived in Hokitika 150 years ago in July. This has involved removing the granite surround (Granite is an unusual material to be used in a surround – it’s certainly the only grave at Stafford that has one), digging out the grave and backfilling with compacted gravel – all done by the family, with some Lions labour for lifting. Each granite block weighs several 100kg – took 6 of us to lift one onto a trailer – and there are 3 large and 2 small. These were taken down to Thompsons for cleaning at no charge. On Saturday at 11am we will be putting them back – a few Lions will be involved in this again assisting the family. If anyone else is available, please join us – even if you just come to take photos and offer moral support! The headstone cleaning has also started – of more interest Christianna came from Cornwall, and the headstone was imported from Cornwall The family lowered the headstone onto a pallet in order to complete the foundation- this will also be stood back up on Saturday This grave is one of the ones with cast iron that has missing pieces – which were on the list for casting. We’re hoping to show a significant improvement in stability and longevity (future proofing) once all items are back and in place.