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Tambo Planting

We will be planting at the Tambo this Saturday from 8am We have permission from Simon Eyre to plant at the Tambo on the banks next to the pathway – as long as we use all the same plants. Which will be the variegated flax which came from the high school – or possibly the astelia – depends which we have most of. So from 8am we will be digging up, splitting and sorting plants and setting them out ready for re-planting. Linda Powell (John Hartley’s daughter) has arranged her church group to assist with planting They arrive from 10.30-12.30 Anyone available to help can arrive anytime from 8am-12 If we finish early, there is then the planting area around the cabbage tree on the Beach St/Stafford St corner that needs to be dug out and planted. And yes, light rain is forecast – so wear appropriate clothing