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Tambo Ramp

The gravel has been delivered to site

Pete Nancekivell starts today with shaping and tidying – specifications as per council

Jeff Evans Plumbers has cut the new access point

Jim Butzbach will start today repairing the old access point on the sea side

Crowleys will be asked to view the site and have input into where the anchor gets put

Rob Daniel is shaping the wooden bollards we’ll be using to increase the height of the wall around the deck to meet current safety requirements (1.1m barrier needed, it’s currently 700mm)

Daryl Crocker has a ships wheel which he is making climate proof

The wooden name plates are being repaired at WIHP

The wooden frame is being repaired and repainted – Jim Butzbach

Photo shows current view from Southside – still a concrete boat on the horizon

Also photo of new access point and ramp and the cut to the concrete