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Tambo Update – Access Reinstated

The Tambo is a joint Heritage Hokitika – Lions project started in 1993. The access is an urgent issue with tourists and local climbing onto the structure using logs as ‘ladders’ – this does have significant liability issues for Heritage Hokitika, Lions and council. Council has therefore asked that the access be reinstated a.s.a.p. by the groups responsible for the project. Paul (Tanka) Davidson from Dept of Conservation produced 2 access options for the Tambo First option a large wooden structure (high cost) Second option shown in attached drawing – a gravel pathway leading to the boat on the RIVER side This will mean making a new entrance way and closing the original entrance Tanka also pointed out that the 700mm height of the wall above the deck height is 400mm too low based on current building regulations This has been confirmed by the building department and a plan approved – this involves wooden bollards inside the boat with rope between the bollards as shown in attached sketch The attached drawing represents the project plan given approval by council staff and mayor Last year the club approved $1000 towards redoing the access – Pete Nancekivell never invoiced us for his interrupted work. The mayor has arranged various companies to donate dirt. WestRoads will donate gravel for the pathway Henry Adams will donate top soil suitable for planting (from Patterson dig-out) for the sloping sides which will also be planted using plants from the high school (planting date will be advised once the pathway is in place) Pete Nancekivell will do the actual work with his business safety plans etc. Club to cover costs with already agreed $1000 Jeff Evans Plumbers will cut the new access into the concrete once the pathway is in place – donated Rob Daniel (Heritage Hokitika) will redo the areas of rotten wooden in the surround and prepare the wooden bollards for insertion – he has asked for Lions help with the actual installation Jim Butzbach has removed the rusted flag pole and other items to start preparing them for repainting. He is also willing to apply another layer of mortar to repair the concrete where the wire is exposed or concrete otherwise damaged.